Revista Underwater Speleology Nr. 39

A apărut numărul 39 al revistei Underwater Speleology, jurnalul secțiunii pentru scufundări în peșteră din cadrul National Speleological Society (NSS).

Adding Depth to Photos: Off Camera Strobe Lighting (Liz Rogers)
Challenges Of Cave Diving In The Midwest (Chriss Hill)
2011 Midwest Workshop (Bob Bost)
Drawing The System Of The Crocodile (Michael Angelo Gagliard)
Changes: For Membership Vote (Forrest Wilson)
Cave Divers Score Emmy Award (Barbara Dwyer)
Solo Diving: Safe or Deadly (Skip Kendrick)
DEMA 2011 Wrap-Up (Barbara Dwyer)
From the chairman (Gene Melton)
From the Back of the Cave
Conservation Corner (Kely Jessup)
Notes from the Field (Jason Richards)
Skill, Tips & Techniques (Jim Wyatt)
The Loop (Joe Citelli)

Versiunea PDF a revistei poate fi downloadat de aici (5.35MB), iar mai jos puteți "răsfoi" revista.

Magazine: Underwater Speleology Volume 39 n° 1 released

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