Lucrările celui de-al 6-lea Congres ISCA sunt online

Pe site-ul ISCA (International Show Caves Association) au fost publicate lucrările celui de-al 6-lea congres ISCA. Lucrările pot fi accesate în format pdf aici sau le puteți vedea direct atașate mai jos.

Iată și lista lucrărilor:

Pavel Bosák, Dating of processes in karst and caves: Implicaton for show caves presentation
Dan Cove, The essential role of interpretive guiding in ensuring understanding and conservation of caves and karst
Bogdan Debevc, Martin Knez, Andrej Kranjc, Mitja Prelovšek, Aleš Semeja, Tadej Slabe, Preliminary proposal for the project "Heaven's cave" (Vietnam) adaptment for tourist purposes
Ksenija Dvorščak, Model of developing competences of the show cave guides and a system of permanent mentorship (The Postojna cave, Slovenia)
Alessio Fabbricatore, The new electrical system of the Grotta Gigante: Compliance with the laws in force and lighting study the Grotta Gigante as a tourist and scientific centre
Alessio Fabbricatore, Associazione Grotte Turistiche Italiane (A.G.T.I.)
Alessio Fabbricatore, Massimo Garavaglia, Concetta Giovani, Luca Piccini, Franco Cucchi, Luca Zini, Radon concentration trend in a tourist cave (Grotta Gigante, north-east Italy)
Robert Gál, Wiski - A world wide used environmental monitoring system
Vassilis Giannopoulos, Evangelos Kambouroglou, Sissy Kontaxi, Towards a network on the development and protection of the caves of archaeological and paleontological interest in the island of Crete
Magdalena Korzystka, Jacek Piasecki, Tymoteusz Sawiński, Ján Zelinka, Climatic system of the Dobsinska ice cave
Matej Kržič, Preservation of cave floor and its importance for interpretation
Łukasz Lewkowicz, Cave tourism in the polish-slovak transfrontier area
Heros Augusto Santos Lobo, José Alexandre de Jesus Perinotto, Paulo César Boggiani, Tourist carrying capacity in caves: Main trends and new methods in Brazil
Jana Marikovičová, Jozef Omelka, Dagmar Haviarová, Peter Gažík, Ján Zelinka, Integrated cave environmental monitoring system (ICEMS)
Natália Martínková, Is the White-Nose Syndrome a threat for bats in European caves?
Janez Mulec, Stanislav Glažar, First results on use of a hydrogen peroxide solution in Postojnska Jama (Slovenia) to remove lampenflora
Ľubica Nudziková, Foundations of the Slovak caves administration marketing strategy
Iveta Smetanová, Karol Holý, Dalimír Jurčák, Jozef Omelka, Ján Zelinka, Radon monitoring in Domica cave, Slovakia - a preliminary result
Marián Soják, Peter Fecko, The most important open speleoarchaeological sites in Slovakia
Andy Spate, Kent Henderson, Dan Cove and Greg Martin, The Australasian Cave and Karst Management Association Inc: A trans-national organization of show caves, managers, guides, scientists and cavers
Peter Štefin, Ksenija Dvorščak, Key success factors of Postojna show cave development in its 192-year-long history of tourism
Zsuzsa Tolnay, Interpretation in cave tourism - a little utilised management tool
Appendix 1 - Arrigo A. Cigna, The problem of lampenflora in show caves
Appendix 2 - Address of Joëlle Darricau – Chairman, International commission on prehistory in show caves

6th ISCA Congress - Papers All

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